Optimization phosphate removal and sludge dewatering Harnaschpolder wwtp

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At Harnaschpolder wwtp phosphate is predominately biologically removed through luxury uptake by Phosphorus Accumulating Organisms (PAOs). These micro-organisms store phosphate within their cells under aerobic conditions as energy-rich polyphosphate granules, along with magnesium, calcium and potassium cations. Under anaerobic conditions at the sludge digestion, polyphosphate and cations are released again. To optimise sludge dewatering and phosphate removal at Harnaschpolder wwtp, Magnesium Hydroxide is added to the digested sludge buffer. Ammonium and phosphate will react with this Magnesium Hydroxide to struvite (MagnesiumAmmoniumPhosphate). This is a full-scale research: all the digested sludge at Harnaschpolder wwtp is treated. The main positive benefits of dosing Magnesium Hydroxide are a more efficient phosphate removal process and an improved sludge dewaterability.

Start of Research
July 2015

End of Research
December 2017

- Mirabella Mulder
- Paul Weij
- Richard Bonte


- Delfluent Services BV
- Delfland Water Authority
- Mirabella Mulder Waste Water Management


Mirabella Mulder
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