Research facility Delft Blue Innovations

Delfland Water Authority, Evides Industry Water and Delfluent Services make under the name Delft Blue Innovations their research facility available to anybody who conducts research that contributes to the further improvement and sustainability of the water cycle.

Sustainable Wastewater Treatment

Dutch citizens use on average 130 liters tap water per person per day for things like cooking, washing and toilet flushing. All that water ends in the sewer system from which it is pumped to a wastewater treatment plant (wwtp). There the water is cleaned before it is returned to nature.
This water cycle becomes rapidly more sustainable. Raw materials such as phosphates are recovered as well as energy and for cleaned water new applications are developed. Further purified water can be used as fresh water buffer, as irrigation water for greenhouses or for example to improve the quality of different surface water bodies. Developments that result in a more effective, more sustainable and more cost effective treatment process.

From Delft Blue Water to Delft Blue Innovations

All these developments need research in advance. At the Harnaschpolder wwtp previously a research hall was built to facilitate Delft Blue Water. A project to develop additional treatment steps in order to deliver purified water for the greenhouse sector and local surface water. Meanwhile, also successful studies are done by UNESCO-IHE, Technical University Delft,  KWR and others. To encourage research into the water cycle, Delfland, Evides and Delfluent extended their  research facility under the name Delft Blue Innovations and made it wide available for third parties.