NEREUS: New Energy and Resources from Urban Sanitation

Energy & Nutrient Factory, Innovation / new techniques

The NEREUS project of Evides Industriewater is a demonstration system for the recovery of water, nutrients and energy from waste water. The waste water is upgraded to irrigation water in various steps (fine sieve, electrocoagulation, nanofiltration, reverse osmosis). Nutrients are recovered (phosphate, ammonium and C-source for denitrification) and various methods are tested to extract energy from the water. The test set-up of Evides Industriewater is located in the Delft Blue Innovations research facility since February 2019.

The research is part of the European NEREUS project, which stimulates the use of innovative technologies for the reuse of water, energy and nutrients from waste water in an urban context.

A substantial number of innovative technologies is available, contributing to closing the urban water cycle and to the efficient reuse of valuable sources (energy, water and nutrients). Nevertheless, these possibilities are rarely applied in practice. To show that these technologies do work and thus stimulate to wider use, the Interreg 2-Seas project NEREUS ('New Energy and Resources from Urban Sanitation') was set up.

This project is subsidized by the Interreg 2 Seas Program 2014 - 2020, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund. More info can be found on .

Start of Research
February 2019

End of Research
December 2020

- Paula van den Brink Project leader NEREUS, Evides Industriewater
- Han van de Griek Process Engineer Evides Industriewater
- Tessa Steenbakker Process Engineer Evides Industriewater
- Otto Schepers Process Engineer Evides Industriewater
- Salah Alz


- Evides Industriewater



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