Nanofiltration: key role in the NEREUS resource recovery process

Energy & Nutrient Factory, Innovation / new techniques

The goal of this project is to recover mainly phosphate and ammonium with a nanofiltration membrane. At the moment a (combination of) nanofiltration membrane(s) is selected to separate the phosphate and ammonium in such a way that these nutrients end up either in the permeate or in the concentrate. Operational strategies will be tested to increase the net flux of the membranes while maintaining the robustness of the process. Membrane fouling will undoubtedly be a problem and therefore quantification of fouling can also be part of the project. In addition, energy consumption is monitored and determining the CO2 footprint of the system is also an important component.

Start of Research
February 2019

End of Research
December 2020

- Tessa Steenbakker Process Engineer Evides Industriewater
- Han van de Griek Process Engineer Evides Industriewater
- Saira Alam Butt Intern Chemical Technology Utrecht University of applied sciences


- Evides Industriewater
- Hogeschool Utrecht
- City of Rotterdam



Paula van den Brink
[email protected]